Lovingly selected interior decoration

To make your rooms appear not to be sparse, you should use decorative items. However, you should choose your decoration lovingly and specifically use. Take better time to search and choose from a few individual items, rather than buying on the fly decorative items, which are available in every other store. In functional spaces such as classrooms or conference rooms bothers decoration on the table and the attractive room design can be supplemented with carefully selected murals.

Establishment of a canteen with bar stools and tile. Especially cafeterias and fast food restaurants offer of tiles clean.
As a floor covering quality, solid-color tiles are perfect for a minimalist decor. Тiles as too cool, you can alternatively use a solid-color carpet. Plain-colored fabrics also offer themselves as curtains for your windows. For what colors you choose, the color scheme should act balanced. You should select a maximum of a colored highlight.


To particularly put your furniture in scene, a mixture of indirect light and individual standing or hanging lamps are offered. Alternatively, you can also set with small table lamps a fine light effect. As with the other furnishings also in lighting: select distinct forms without frills.

You might notice in the beginning that it can be quite a challenge to set up rooms minimalist. The largest is most likely the fact rauszuholen from more furniture-the Maximum. However, if you created a harmonious overall concept, you are sure to be able to understand why a part of the “Clean-minimalistic” is the most popular design style in Germany.

Bar Furniture

So in order to your guests comfortably sit at the bar, bar stools are required. When stools initially raises the question: bar stools with or without backrest? A backrest increases comfort, bar stool without backrest, however location are flexible. Additional modules such as turning and tilting mechanisms, telescopic pillars, footrests or ground anchors improve the comfort of your guests.

In the choice of material barstool frame you have many options: wood furniture radiate heat, stainless steel furniture are easy to maintain and extremely durable, aluminum turn is particularly easy. Even with the seat of the bar stool you have the choice: wood or imitation leather are easy to maintain. Although leather looks classy, but is sensitive. You should take care in the selection of bar stools in the first place, that they meet the functional requirements and are comfortable-only then they are often used by your guests! The WYE series of GO IN for example, offers a wide range of bar furniture made ​​from different materials and in different shapes and colors.

Proper lighting is important for the BarbereichBartresen with integrated lighting. The right light concept:

The appropriate lighting bar increases the comfort factor and contributes to a cordial ambiance. If you are planning the lighting concept for your bar, you should definitely take into account the lighting conditions during the day. Also, candles can produce a warm light and create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. At the same time they are-for example, in a beautiful glass tealight, a great decoration.